The News goes independent

By Amara Grautski

After 82 years as the university’s on-campus newspaper, the Northeastern News will change its name to the Huntington News and become independent of the university in September

Although the newspaper’s content and distribution will remain the same, the Huntington News will be located off-campus at 295 Huntington Ave., next to Symphony Market.

The News has been operating primarily as an independent newspaper for nearly a decade, supporting itself through advertising revenue. However, the publication was a student organization and used university office space.

The move to cut ties with the university was set in motion about a year ago by then editor-in-chief Ricky Thompson and former managing editor Derek Hawkins. The pair said they first seriously discussed becoming independent last summer, when The News was relocated to a smaller space in the Curry Student Center, which is approximately a third of the size of the original space. However, both said they weren’t the first to consider the idea.

“As long as I’ve been around The News