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Northeasterns International Village turned a single into a double by inserting a bunk bed, which creates a tight living space.

Column: Northeastern needs to fix the current housing crisis

Rachel Umansky-Castro, opinion editor  September 10, 2022

It took six months, until mid-August, for my roommate and me to receive our housing information. This summer was filled with stressful planning and setbacks, as we vied for a dwindling number of dorms. By the time our selection time had arrived, none of our desired options were...

Michelle Wu, an Asian American woman, speaks to a crowd. Behind her, people hold signs supporting Lydia Edwards senate campaign.

Mayor Michelle Wu makes history in election win

Alyssa Endres, opinion editor December 12, 2021

The Nov. 2 Boston mayoral election was extremely historic — the candidate that was elected broke down barriers as the first Asian American woman elected to the position. Two people became frontrunners: Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George. Although former mayor Marty Walsh...

A map of the United States show the states in different colors based on how many school shootings have occured since 1999. Text beneath the image reads Data from the Washington Post school shooting database. The database counts any exposure of students to gun violence during school hours since the Columbine massacre in Colorado in 1999. It includes both attacks intentionally targeting schools as well as gunshots that happen to hit schools under the same label. States marked in darker colors experienced more shootings since 1999. Only six states — Iowa, Maine, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming — have no recorded shootings. California has exerienced the most, with 35 recorded shootings.

Column: Schools must act to prevent shootings

Madison Boudreau Popovic, opinion editor December 11, 2021
We never think it could be us. We never think that we will be the next victims of a school shooting. We never think that the next day of classes could be our last. This is part of the issue. Schools must take every threat seriously. Children like Crumbley need mental health resources which many schools lack, including Northeastern. This issue boils down to who cares enough to stand up for transparency and increase mental health funds to ultimately protect our communities.
People continue to use social media to portray a fake version of themselves.

Column: The dark side of social media and the screen

Alyssa Endres, columnist October 8, 2021
You are enough and worth more than any number of likes or followers on Instagram. You do not have to change yourself to better fit the standards perpetuated by social media. You deserve to feel happy with who you are. 
Social media polarizes society through political posts.

Column: Political discourse on social media continues to divide society

Madison Boudreau Popovic, opinion editor October 1, 2021
From standing up for tax reform to social and racial justice, there’s a time and place for it all. In recent years, politics began to infiltrate aspects of society where it never belonged. This, in turn, promotes the spread of negativity and toxicity worldwide. It appears that no one can escape politics, no matter where they turn.
The recent Texas abortion law is unconstitutional and violates the rights of many Texans.

Column: Texas’ new abortion law is unconstitutional

Alyssa Endres, columnist September 25, 2021
As students at Northeastern, it is important to be aware of this type of news because this law does not only affect people in Texas. The passing of this law is a rude awakening to the possibility of other states implementing similar legislation, cracking down on reproductive rights even harder than before.
Athletes in the 2020 Olympics tackled double standards in sports.

Column: Double standards in sports are sexist and unhealthy

Madison Boudreau Popovic, opinion editor September 1, 2021
The one thing I noticed from my time as an athlete was the deliberate and obvious double standards in sports: how people put unfair expectations on females that are never applied to males and how the sports industry tends to prioritize physical health over mental health. 
Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was accused of sexual assault and harassment.

Column: The degrading sexual harassment epidemic in politics and the workplace

Alyssa Endres, columnist August 27, 2021
Bringing about more awareness and getting more serious about investigating allegations can help to end the stigma surrounding sexual assault.
Boston needs to implement a vaccine passport to increase the citys vaccination rates and protect its residents.

Column: Acting Mayor Kim Janey must reverse course and implement a vaccine passport

Poon Singhatiraj, deputy opinion editor August 26, 2021
The Delta variant continues to surge across the United States — and Boston may not be as immune as one might expect.
Housing selection for fall 2021 has begun.

Column: Northeastern University must stop holding students hostage financially

Madison Boudreau Popovic, columnist April 14, 2021

Moving into college is always hard because of all the preparation. But even once you get settled, one of the most stressful parts of college living is selecting future residences. Housing selection draws to a close for yet another semester, but the PAWS process continues for...

Northeastern must become a national leader in campus sustainability.

Column: The NU community should adopt the Sunrise Northeastern Green New Deal

Maeve Singer, columnist April 14, 2021

You may have heard about the Sunrise Movement, a progressive youth movement made up of students, faculty and community organizations. The movement spread across U.S. college campuses to make climate change an urgent, national priority. The Northeastern chapter is pushing for...

Concerns about false sexual assault allegations should not silence everyones story.

Column: We must listen to all victims of sexual assault

Madison Boudreau Popovic, columnist March 31, 2021

Content warning: discussion of sexual assault Editor’s note: The Huntington News wants students to know Northeastern University and elsewhere provide sexual assault resources for students. WeCare: [email protected], 617-373-7591, 226 Curry  University Health...