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Column: The views of the far-left are rooted in good merits; those of the far-right are not

Americans across the country protested against racial injustice.
George LaBour, columnist December 6, 2020

I’m friends with communists and socialists, and they are some of the most kind-hearted people I know. I’ve never met a fascist I liked one bit. In a recently published Huntington News op-ed, the...

Column: Dear media outlets, your polls have failed the American public for far too long

The polling industry is under scrutiny after the results of many races in the 2020 U.S. election diverged widely from its predicted outcome.
Madison Boudreau Popovic, columnist December 2, 2020

As the presidential election comes to a close, we have an astronomical problem on our hands. As readers and viewers of the news, we always see a tsunami of polls every election cycle. Throughout the 2016...

Column: Social media influence in a digital age

Social media has become an influential political platform.
Taylor Hsu, columnist December 1, 2020

Social media has become fully integrated into both our lives and society. The rise of social media activism has not just expanded the possibilities for direct communication or activism across international...

Column: Women struggle to gain gender equality and COVID-19 doesn’t help

Women are disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 recession.
Madison Boudreau Popovic, columnist November 22, 2020

Gender inequality is something many women are too well acquainted with. Women have fought for gender equality for countless years, but some of these efforts may be undone because of the COVID-19 pandemic....

Column: Democrats didn’t take back the Senate — what now for Biden’s agenda?

Senate election results continue to be counted.
Jacob Kemp, columnist November 17, 2020

After entering Election Day with high hopes and a promising field of candidates to flip the Senate, Democrats ultimately failed to do so, leaving few paths for Biden to effectively enact his agenda.  Democrats...

Column: Let Trump continue to make America great again

Column: Let Trump continue to make America great again
Madison Boudreau Popovic, columnist October 28, 2020

As the next presidential election looms over the United States, President Donald J. Trump is fighting to remain in office for another four years against former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump has improved...

Column: Greek life needs to be reformed, but abolishment isn’t the answer

In recent months, Greek life has fallen under scrutiny and many have called for its abolishment.
Taylor Hsu, columnist October 25, 2020

Over the summer, college students called to abolish the Greek life system. These demands started alongside, and are a part of, the national reckoning over institutional racism in the past few months. The...

Column: Northeastern, vote yes on ranked choice voting

Question 2, or ranked choice voting, will be on the November Mass. ballot.
Jacob Kemp, columnist October 14, 2020

From 29 candidates in the Democratic presidential primary to nine primary candidates in our very own Massachusetts 4th Congressional district race, 2020 has been a year of bloated races and overwhelming...

Column: Columbus Day was always racist and must be replaced

This year Northeastern officially replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day.
Brittany Mendez, opinion editor October 14, 2020

In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He had three ships, colonized the Americas and murdered millions of Indigenous people, too. You’ve probably never heard that version of the nursery...

Column: Online platforms like Dear PWI help combat racism

Protests in response of police brutality has sparked conversations about racism in education.
Poon Singhatiraj, columnist October 7, 2020

Earlier this summer, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a white police officer, there was a national reckoning over institutional racism. People were forced to have uncomfortable, yet...

Column: NUflex isn’t going anywhere, so let’s get it right for the spring semester

Northeastern announces that NUflex will continue next semester.
Brittany Mendez, opinion editor September 29, 2020

Like many other students, I was thrilled when Northeastern announced its hybrid model June 5 after several long months in quarantine. I knew this hybrid model would not be the normal college experience,...

Column: Stop making martyrs out of police brutality victims and demand justice

Protesters flood the streets of Washington, DC in response police brutality in America.
Brittany Mendez, opinion editor September 3, 2020

You should not reach into your car after police officers taser you, but you should not be shot seven times if you do. You should not resist arrest if you are caught using counterfeit money, but you should...

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