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Column: New Zealand is a lesson America hasn’t learned

Melissa Wells, opinion editor

March 27, 2019

It can take a single day, a day like March 15, for our faith in humanity to be shaken. It can also take a day like March 15 for that faith, in the face of tragedy, to be strengthened by the very humanity that connects us to one another.

Column: Hardworking students are true victims of admissions scandal

The admissions scandal cheats hardworking students out of an equal opportunity to earn their place in elite universities.

Brittany Mendez, columnist

March 21, 2019

For decades, many have correctly suspected that the wealthiest of our society pay their way into elite colleges. I simply cannot feel for those now facing the public backlash of that revelation.

Column: O’Rourke may not win, but he’ll show us where politics stands

O’Rourke’s presence in the presidential race signals the beginning of a trend in politics to serve all American interests.

Matt Hersey, columnist

March 20, 2019

O’Rourke may be just another Democratic hopeful, or he is the beginning of a trend that will continue through politics, in which those who run for office work for what Americans truly hold dear.

Column: Black history is everyone’s history

We must make an effort to learn about the true diversity within American history.

Brittany Mendez, news staff

February 27, 2019

Black History Month is really a month to acknowledge what should be generally seen as American history, commemorating the life stories and accomplishments of Black people otherwise forgotten in that history.

Column: Media diversity left behind in Trump era

American news media does not reflect the diversity of the nation, and it struggles to reverse the historical erasure of a wide range of voices.

Melissa Wells, opinion editor

February 20, 2019

American news media does not reflect the diversity of the nation, and it struggles to reverse the historical erasure of a wide range of voices.

Column: Black history isn’t ancient history

Black history is not just stories about nameless slaves and prominent Black figures, rather the lives of people who were just as human as you and me.

Brittany Mendez, news staff

February 20, 2019

Although Black History Month has existed for most of our lifetimes, that is not the case for many of our living relatives. It is not only important to remember, it is important to commemorate because it is history still in the making.

Column: Homelessness is a circumstance, not a trait

The homeless population in Massachusetts increased by 14 percent, or over 2,000 people, in 2018.

Matt Hersey, columnist

February 20, 2019

Wandering home, padding through snow back to a warm room is a privilege we should all experience. Yet, throughout Boston, forgotten residents fell asleep cold and wet.

Column: There’s more to the wall battle than politics

Just south of San Diego, this fence separates the United States and Mexico.

Matt Hersey, columnist

February 7, 2019

We don’t need a wall. We don’t need Americans rationing insulin or money for food. We certainly don’t need elderly elite politicians making decisions that will handicap our empathy tomorrow. This humanitarian issue deserves a humanitarian response, not a cold, rigid steel wall.

Column: Black History Month celebrates American greatness

Each Black History Month, we thank our black ancestors for the opportunities they bravely fought for, even as we continue to struggle to strive for more.

Melissa Wells, opinion editor

February 7, 2019

Our history is dark, but we have always paved a path for the success of future generations. So, this month, The News will dedicate a column each week to this celebration — a small gesture to a community ingrained in the foundation of this country and essential to that American greatness we all applaud today.

Column: Where does the Pledge of Allegiance belong?

Stand up, place your right hand over your heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance...why?

Miska Salemann, guest columnist

February 2, 2019

There is something bewildering about expecting students to say an oath in a seemingly “free” country, especially in one built by dissidents. Yet, in the United States, we do.

Column: You keep Macbeth, I’ll take Beloved

Illustration by Pete McKay

Riley Robinson, columnist

January 23, 2019

In a world of art which multiplies and time that only seems to shrink, I’m ready to burn the traditional parameters of “well-read.”

Column: U.S. must respect immigrant rights

A small fence separates densely populated Tijuana, Mexico, right, from the United States in the Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector.  Construction is underway to extend a secondary fence over the top of this hill and eventually to the Pacific Ocean.

Melissa Wells, opinion editor

November 29, 2018

History will remember the United States characterized immigrants as criminals and attacked unarmed men, women and children looking for the American dream that brought the founding ancestors of this country here so long ago.