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Egbuchulam said there’s a lack of diversity in the world of fashion action forex eur gbp , which he tries to dispel through inclusive online branding. His online store features models of all different colors and genders.

“I was thinking to myself, as a black man, I like this style but there’s no brand that acknowledges my existence,” Egbuchulam said. “I’m a token. I set out to create a brand that’s inclusive and that’s positive.”

Since he first launched Buch America, Egbuchulam has invested $3,000 of his own money into the business. To run Buch America, Egbuchulam surrounded himself with a group of people who all want to help him succeed, namely Diabate and Mahajan.

“When he first started, he was doing it by himself,” Diabate said. “Now, he has more of a team […] who market for him and people that manage his finances. It’s helping the company grow.”

With his team around him, Egbuchulam said he is focused on growing the company into a “niche East Coast city staple.”

Egbuchulam said he wants his customers to feel good, look good and wear clothing that has a message.

“All my designs are based behind something positive,” Egbuchulam said. “I want it be a feel good brand.”

Photo by Derek Schuster