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State Rep. Chynah Tyler created the Boston Black Restaurant Challenge in 2018.

The Boston Black Restaurant Challenge shines light on Black-owned restaurants

Katie Mogg, news staff March 1, 2021

To bring more business to Black-owned restaurants throughout Greater Boston, State Rep. Chynah Tyler, who represents the seventh district of Suffolk, created the Boston Black Restaurant Challenge. Encouraging...

Many statues, such as this one honoring Confederate General Robert E. Lee, have sparked controversy.

Column: It is time to reconsider our statues

George LaBour, columnist February 19, 2021

The removal of statues and monuments is not a censorship of history, for the statues themselves erase key parts of history, idolizing individuals solely by showing their likeness and name. The humanity...

Davis spoke to the Northeastern community Feb. 15 about racial capitalism, education, abolition movements and the role of music in liberation movements.

Angela Davis discusses how students can work toward a liberated future

Christie Ya-chi Lee, news staff February 19, 2021

Most students nationwide have only seen the name “Angela Davis” in their class readings and history textbooks. Northeastern students, however, had a chance to meet the abolitionist Feb. 15, when she...

“The Value of a Life” is a memorial by Fern Cunningham located at the edge of Jeep Jones Park that honors the youth of Boston.

Boston parks memorialize Clarence Jones, other prominent Black figures

Zeynep Tuncer, news correspondent February 19, 2021

In recognition of Black History Month, the Parks and Recreation department of the City of Boston has put out a list highlighting some of the public parks named after historical Black figures. The list...

Pals at Inkwell Beach, Oak Bluffs by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism is licensed with CC BY-ND 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

The Boston Globe celebrates Black History Month with a film festival

Natalie Duerr, news staff February 14, 2021

To commemorate Black History Month, the Boston Globe is hosting a digital film festival,  honoring films that document the Black experience. Films range from newly released to tried and true classics,...

Photo Courtesy of NU Athletics

NUBAC seeks to promote Black athletes’ voices on campus

Sam Culver, news correspondent February 12, 2021

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, a group of student-athletes founded the Northeastern University Black Athlete Caucus, or NUBAC, with the...

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