Event Calendar: Thursday, April 12 – Wednesday, April 18

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Event Calendar: Thursday, April 12 – Wednesday, April 18

Photo by Albert Tamura.

Photo by Albert Tamura.

Photo by Albert Tamura.

Photo by Albert Tamura.

Samuel Kim and Claire Wallace

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Thursday, April 12: Paint Night with GlobeMed

Take a break from your studies and enjoy a relaxing night of painting! For a walk-in fee of $10, three teachers will guide you through whatever your artistic soul desires. Paint supplies and canvases will be provided. All proceeds will go toward Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization, which promotes water sanitation and hygiene in Uganda. Participants may either keep their painting or send it to Kitovu and the communities they work with. 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.; Curry Student Center; $10.


Friday, April 13: NU Caribbean Student Organization Culture Show

The Caribbean Student Organization is hosting a culture show featuring DJ Focus and guest dance groups. In addition, artists Shurwayne Winchester and Babatunde Olatunji will be visiting from Trinidad and Tobago. DJ Focus, aka Kelvin Doe, is an engineer from Sierra Leone who built his own radio station at the age of 13. Olatunji is a drummer and social activist from Nigeria and Winchester is a soca musician. 9 p.m.; Cabral Center; Free for students.


Saturday, April 14: A Cappella Showcase with Treble on Huntington

File photo by Albert Tamura

What’s that? It’s the sound of a cappella. The ladies of Treble on Huntington are hosting a concert with the gentlemen of The Unisons, in addition to Boston University’s The BosTones and ICCA Northeast Semifinal winner Upper Structure from Berklee College of Music. The theme? Coachellacappella. 8 p.m.; AfterHours; Free.


Sunday, April 15: NU Stage Presents “Pippin”

Photo courtesy NU Stage

The NU Stage Musical Theater Company has “Magic To Do” (pun intended) Sunday evening. Follow Pippin as he finds his passion for performing and faces a tough decision. Should he settle down for a peaceful family life or continue making magic with his fellow performers? Find out what Pippin chooses this weekend. For a more detailed preview of the show, click this link. 8 p.m.; Blackman Auditorium; Free for students.


Monday, April 16: Places to Watch the Boston Marathon

Here are some great places in and around Boston where you can watch and cheer on Boston Marathon runners as they embark on the oldest marathon in the world.


  • Route 128 highway overpass. This place offers an awesome bird’s-eye-view of the marathon — if you stand on the overpass, you can watch the runners below they go by.
  • In front of the Newton Wellesley Hospital. If you want to give the runners a real morale boost, this is the place to be. It’s right before Heartbreak Hill, making it one of the hardest sections for runners. It’s also the best place to cheer on the hospital’s running team.
  • Washington Square, Brookline. Washington Square is great for those who want a quieter scene because it is one of the lesser-known locations to watch the marathon. It is also near many local restaurants, like Washington Square Tavern and The Abbey, as well as three MBTA stops, allowing you to make a great getaway after the runners go by.
  • Wellesley College. Wellesley students are known for taking the marathon pretty seriously, lining up to create a “sound tunnel” of screams and attempting to kiss every marathon runner that goes by. This is a great location if you want a loud and rowdy setting.
  • Heartbreak Hill along Commonwealth, Newton. The Hill will be abuzz with onlookers and often features a countless number of bake sales, lemonade stands and people selling balloons and plastic horns. Heartbreak Hill got its name because it is the last (and some say the hardest) hill of the course.
  • Boston College. Many Boston College students start celebrating the marathon at midnight, making this location particularly fun. The Boston College band, The Screaming Eagles, will perform as well.   


Tuesday, April 17: Stories and Poems for Northeastern Native Tribal Families  

To learn more about tribal families native to the Northeast, head to the launch of “Stories and Poems for Northeastern Native Tribal Families,” a series of stories and poems that explores how family members can help prevent youth drinking and other drug use. The event will include a dinner and a “stomp out the culture of addiction” dance. Several panelists, including former Massachusetts State Rep. Mel King and Native writer and storyteller Larry Spotted Crow Mann will speak about reclaiming Native identity. 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.; North American Indian Center of Boston; Free.


Wednesday, April 18: Drag Show With NU Pride

Come see some of your fabulous fellow Huskies in drag at NU Pride’s annual show. This year’s event will feature awesome music, audience participation and amazing dance moves. At the end of the show, there will even be a dance contest where you can strut your stuff for a chance to win a $10 Starbucks gift card. If you are interested in performing, you can still sign up with this link.  7 p.m. – 9 p.m.; AfterHours; Free.