[UPDATED] SGA communications director resigns


Photo courtesy SGA

Cameron Woods is a rising fourth-year international affairs and economics major.

Jessica Silverman, deputy campus editor

Cameron Woods, a rising fourth-year international affairs and economics major, resigned Thursday from his role as SGA’s executive director of communications.

Woods said that “disagreements amongst cabinet members and actions taken that were not aligned with all cabinet members’ [opinions]” were the reasons for his departure. Woods is the fourth member of SGA leadership to resign this year, including historian Max Willner-Giwere, executive director of events Emily Newell and sergeant at arms Noa Slotky. 

An email to SGA senators June 9 explained that Woods’ resignation came after a request from SGA President Chris Brown.

“Cameron’s resignation was requested by President Christopher Brown,” the email said. “Cameron willingly complied and turned in his resignation, which was accepted by President Chris Brown.”

Woods will be replaced by rising second-year political science and international affairs major Hannah Nivar, who was set to take over his position July 1.

Updated at 2:03 pm June 9th to include the resignation request by SGA President Chris Brown