Column: Black-owned restaurants to support near campus

Matt Yan, news staff

Graphic by: Avery Bleichfeld

As Black Lives Matter protests continue in Boston and across the nation, it is important to support the movement on all fronts. Buying from black-owned local businesses and restaurants is especially powerful  in encouraging anti-racism and demonstrating solidarity. We’ve compiled a list of a Black-owned restaurants near campus for those in the area who are looking for more ways to contribute.  

For upscale Italian fare, Mida – located in the South End at 782 Tremont St. – is a favorite. Head chef and owner Douglass Williams, who was recently named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chefs of 2020, has put together a menu full of classic Italian favorites. Featuring pasta dishes like bucatini all’amatriciana and classic starters like arancini, Mida will satisfy any appetite. They are currently available for pick-up and delivery on Caviar

A more laid-back option and ideal study spot is Farmer’s Horse Coffee, located right near the Massachusetts Avenue T Station. Farmer’s Horse Coffee has an eclectic vibe with art flooding the brick walls. They serve Ethiopian coffee with killer pastries and sandwiches, such as lemon poppyseed scones and breakfast bagels, all featured on their Instagram @farmershorse.

Daryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen serves Southern classics, such as chicken and waffles, fried catfish and jambalaya. Located at 604 Columbus Ave., Daryl’s is minutes from campus. Though they’re currently only open for takeout, they often hold jazz concerts, DJ sets and other music events. With smooth jazz to accompany your meal, Daryl’s is a great option for those looking for a more lively eating experience. 

Lucy Ethiopian Cafe, located at 334 Massachusetts Ave., serves up classic Ethiopian food mere minutes from campus. Here, you’ll find lots of options, including different combination meals, vegetarian items and beef and lamb dishes, all served with injera: a traditional Ethiopian fermented flatbread. They’re currently available for takeout and delivery. 

These restaurants are just a few of the many Black-owned restaurants throughout the Boston area. For a more comprehensive list, check out this graphic from @beccamootphotography on Instagram, a piece by Boston Magazine and a master list curated by Black Owned Bos. featuring all types of Black-owned businesses in Boston.