Column: Ways to celebrate Halloween safely during COVID-19


Kelly Thomas

There are still many ways to enjoy Halloween in the COVID era.

Ariana Ottrando, news correspondent

This year, Halloween will look much different than in the past. Parties and large gatherings can’t occur, but there are plenty of ways that you can still get into the spirit of spooky season. Here are some ways to celebrate a fun and safe Halloween, even from your dorm room. 

  1. Watch a scary movie

Whether through streaming services or Freeform’s “31 nights of Halloween,” there’s an endless amount of scary movies to choose from. You can even watch a movie with friends virtually to make the experience more interactive through Zoom or Netflix Party. Grab some snacks and candy, of course, and watch some classics if you haven’t already, such as “Halloween,” “Friday the 13th” and “Scream.”

2. Dress up! 

Even without a party to attend, you can still dress up and put together a great costume. You can make a last-minute costume from your closet, follow a scary makeup tutorial or plan a matching costume with your roommate. You can even have a virtual costume party over Zoom or FaceTime. Take some cute pictures from the comfort of your dorm room and share them online to impress your friends. 

3. Make Halloween treats

Spending the night baking some Halloween-themed treats is a guarantee for a good time. Get inspired on Pinterest or TikTok with limitless recipes to choose from and get to creating. A microwave and fridge can still be utilized to make chocolate bark, chocolate covered pretzels, mug cakes, fudge and more. If you can’t bake, there are always premade Halloween treats or candy bags to purchase in a supermarket or pharmacy that are also delicious. 

4. Make a Halloween playlist

If you have the time and patience, making the perfect playlist is a fun way of getting into the Halloween spirit. Even if your only plans are to relax in your dorm, it is essential to have Halloween music playing in the background. Add all of your favorite spooky songs to a playlist and enjoy! Some classics to add are “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, “The Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr. to get you started. 

5. Make Halloween crafts

If you’re not swamped with homework from procrastinating, doing some Halloween-themed crafts is sure to make you feel excited about the holiday. You can find plenty of ideas online and use the resources already laying around your dorm room. Draw a Halloween sign for your door, make a lantern out of a mason jar or cut out pumpkin and ghost-shaped papers to hang around the room. The possibilities are endless!

6. “Ghost” your friends

You can still socially distance while surprising your friends by bringing trick-or-treating to them. Leave personalized goody bags with candy or baked goods outside of their dorm rooms and make sure they grab them before someone else does. 

7. Explore Halloween Activities near you

If you don’t want to be cooped up in your room this Halloween, you can find local activities to safely partake in while following COVID-19 guidelines. Attend a costumed walking tour, carve pumpkins or play Halloween-themed games with friends, such as wrapping the mummy or scary movie trivia. Make sure to wear your mask and practice social distancing if you celebrate outside.