Daylight savings: How to take advantage of the extra sunlight


“119: Daylight Savings Time” by niseag03 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Katie Mogg, news staff

Sunday, March 14 is the first day of daylight savings time. This means the community will lose an hour of sleep in exchange for an extra hour of sunlight. After months of a bone-chilling, dark winter, some extra time in the sun will leave more room for fun activities around Boston. Here are some ways to make the most of Beantown:

1. Walk the Freedom Trail

One of Boston’s most historic landmarks, the Freedom Trail is a must-do for any Boston resident. With an extra hour of daylight under our belts and spring beginning soon, the 2.5-mile walk the Freedom Trail offers is less likely to numb your fingers and toes.

2. Visit Boston Common

Boston is home to America’s oldest park, Boston Common. It is a beautiful escape from urban life and can be better appreciated with more time under the sun and warmer temperatures. This park is a great place to listen to buskers, go for a morning run or have a picnic with friends.

3. Explore the Arnold Arboretum

Been to Boston Common one too many times and looking for a new park to explore?  Consider visiting the Arnold Arboretum. Located in between Jamaica Plain and Roslindale, this nearly 300-acre park is a great way to immerse yourself in nature this spring. 

4. Go on a shopping spree

Boston is known to be a walkable city, so walking from store to store is an easy feat when temperatures aren’t below freezing. Now that the weather is becoming more favorable and the sun will stay out longer, take a walk to some of your favorite stores in Faneuil Hall marketplace, Back Bay or on Newbury Street.

5. Bike around the city

Bikes may be temporarily retired during Boston’s wintry months, but it’s time to hop back on and go for a ride. Biking is an easy way to get in some exercise while exploring the city. Riding over the Harvard Bridge provides bikers a beautiful view of the skyline, especially at sunset. For 30 minutes, it’s $2.50 for a Blue Bike.

6. Take advantage of outdoor dining at a cafe or restaurant

To adjust to capacity limits placed on restaurants and cafes due to the pandemic, many eateries have acquired outdoor dining. Wintertime made it too cold to enjoy these facilities. Now that it’s warming up, outdoor dining is a great way to bond over a meal with friends while staying COVID-19 safe and enjoying the benefits of warmer, sunnier weather. Some local places that offer outdoor dining are Farmer’s Horse Coffee, Eataly and Petit Robert Bistro.

7. Visit Boston’s Seaport District

Boston is a beautiful city filled with views to behold, and the Seaport District is just one of Boston’s eye candy spots. A popular place to take in the skyline is the Fan Pier Park. With an extra hour of fun in the sun, a quick trip on the T to Seaport seems a lot more feasible and enjoyable.

The winter blues can make it hard to feel motivated to step outside the warm comforts of home. It can be hard to maintain proper mental health and avoid burnout, especially when many college students are navigating this semester without a spring break. But with warm and springier weather well on its way, hopefully happier times will come with it. These activities are a great way to get started!