Column: Eight ways to save with your Husky ID


Clara McCourt

The Museum of Fine Arts offers free admission to all Northeastern students with a Husky ID.

Ivy Tran, news correspondent

As the first two weeks of the semester end, the “broke college student” season finally begins. Many Northeastern students are seeking entertainment without emptying their wallets. Here is a list of things Huskies can access for free or discounted rates:  

1. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts

One of the largest art museums in the world with nearly 500 thousand works of art, the Museum of Fine Arts, or MFA, is a must-see. The museum offers free admission to all Northeastern students with a Husky ID. Head over to the MFA with your friends and admire some marvelous art this weekend. 

2. Explore the Harvard Art Museums

Head over to Boston’s neighboring city, Cambridge, and explore The Fogg Museum, Harvard’s oldest museum featuring European and American art that dates back to the Middle Ages. The museum is free to all college students with a student ID. 

3. Watch a classic movie at The Brattle Theatre

Enjoy movies like “Aguirre, the Wrath of God and “The Great Muppet Caper” at the Brattle Theatre, a repertory theater located in Cambridge. College students with an ID are offered a discount of $12 per ticket compared to the $14 for general admission. 

4. Go to a Red Sox game

Part of Major League Baseball, or the MLB, the renowned Red Sox are multiple World Series winners with nine World Series titles. With a student ID and a registration on #Student9s,  Huskies can get tickets to see the baseball team play for only $9. 

5. Go ice skating on Boston Common Frog Pond

What better way is there to spend your winter days in Boston than by going ice skating? The Boston Common Frog Pond is offering students with an ID half the usual price to ice skate every Tuesday evening from mid-November to mid-March. 

6. Catch a movie at Regal Fenway 13

This classic movie theatre is a great place to spend your day whether you go alone or with friends. At Regal Fenway 13, there is a student discount of $2.50 off any movie after 4 p.m. 

7. Eat at Panda Express

Craving Chinese food? Panda Express is one of the largest Asian American fast food chains in America. Students are able to get 10% of their meal with a student ID at the Prudential Center. 

8. Snatch a cone at Ben & Jerry’s

In summer when the scorching sun melts the city, there is no better way to beat the heat than eating a frosty ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. With a student ID, Huskies can get 10% off their order at the location in the Prudential Center. 

Filled with noise and excitement, Boston is a city with endless opportunities for excursion. From  encapsulating museums to mouthwatering food, Boston does not disappoint. With plenty of student discounts offered, it is time for an adventure!