Column: 5 unique exercise spots in Boston


Pound, a unique workout class offered at the Huntington Avenue YMCA, is the perfect combination of cardio, strength training and pilates.

Jessica Xing, news correspondent

Working out at the gym everyday can be rewarding, but it’s still difficult for many students to find the motivation. Luckily, Boston holds many different classes that can help students exercise in a more entertaining setting. Whether one simply doesn’t enjoy the gym or wants to try something else, here are five unique exercise places to check out. 

1. TRILLFIT Boston

For those looking for a fun but effective dance workout, TRILLFIT is the perfect place. Featuring upbeat hip-hop dance workouts, the classes offered are guaranteed to leave one sore and sweaty — in a good way! For those who would rather work out on their own, TRILLFIT also offers a digital membership for $40/month that includes unlimited virtual classes taught by a live instructor. These effective and inclusive cardio dance classes last for 1 hour and cost $28 each. TRILLFIT is located at 1484 Tremont St.

2. Swet Studio

Swet Studio offers a variety of aerial classes for all levels and is great for students looking to try something new by hanging from a hammock while performing exercise moves. Not only will one get a great workout, but they’ll get it while hanging in the air. From barre to core and even yoga, the variety of aerial classes at Swet Studio is definitely worth checking out. Class prices fluctuate and are typically around $30 each and last 50 minutes. This studio can be found at 480 Tremont St.

3. Rock Spot Climbing

An often overlooked or forgotten activity, rock climbing can act as an enjoyable and effective workout. At Rock Spot Climbing, students can sign up for classes to help improve their climbing technique, no matter their experience level. They even offer introduction classes to belaying, classes that teach students to tie climbers’ knots and how to hold the ropes for other climbers. Prices vary based on the course, and day passes are $22 for those under 24 ($30 with gear) or $24 for those 24 or over ($32 with gear). This rock climbing gym is located at 30 Old Colony Ave.

4. Gilded Studio Pole Dance and Fitness

Offering pole dancing classes for all levels, this studio is a great option for those looking to experience a unique workout. At Gilded Studio Pole Dance and Fitness, you can learn to perform all types of spins and tricks while twisting yourself around a pole in an elegant fashion. Classes are generally one hour each, although they can be more on the expensive end. Single classes cost $38 each, while a package of 3 classes costs $108, and a package of 5 or 10 classes cost $175 or $315, respectively. This studio is located 540 Tremont St., Suite 6.

5. Pound at YMCA

Pound, a unique workout involving the use of weighted drumsticks called RipStix, is the perfect combination of cardio, strength training and pilates. Not only will one be moving to an upbeat tune the entire time, but they’ll also be drumming to the beat and having lots of fun while definitely burning some calories. These classes are also conveniently located at the YMCA of Greater Boston located at 316 Huntington Ave.

Whether it’s a unique dance workout or rock climbing, Boston offers plenty of exercise options for those who are sick and tired of the gym. Even if it doesn’t become a part of a daily routine, these classes are definitely worth testing out.