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Editorial: Budgetary bliss

March 25, 2010
The Huntington News constantly asks for transparency within the administration. One of the places we actually get is during the yearly budget meeting this Wednesday during activities period at 333 Curry Student Center.

Letter: Accountability: The solution to violence?

March 17, 2010
The recent shooting rampage by a University of Alabama professor has made many people question the credibility of the American criminal justice system. Could this, and other violent situations, have been prevented? An increasing number of systematic failures has led to several violent tragedies in recent times, including the killing of four Washington police officers by Maurice Clemmons last November.

Column: Senior disappointed with her final Springfest lineup

March 17, 2010
I was always a big supporter of the Council for University Programs (CUP). While there have been years I may not have particularly liked the Springfest selection, I always kept my mouth shut.

Editorial: A misuse of power

March 17, 2010
At the start of every school year, every student has a $109 fee - known as the Student Activities Fee (SAF) - tacked onto their tuition bills in order to fund events and programs on campus. Because every student is required to pay this fee, it is meant to fund events that all students can attend, and is not to be allocated toward events that are partisan in nature, whether religious or political - unless these events are educational.

Editorial Cartoon

March 16, 2010

Letter: NU’s “cookie-cutter” websites don’t make the cut

March 11, 2010
During my periodic check of Northeastern University's College Structure Initiative webpage (, I discovered that the university has launched interim websites for the three new colleges. After perusing the three websites, I came to realize a rather glaring contradiction between Northeastern's description of these sites and my own assessment. According to Northeastern, “these sites illustrate a distinctive character already taking shape for each of the new colleges.”

Letter: PSA, NU boycott Hyatt in support of workers

March 11, 2010
Can you imagine having to train the person who is taking over your job before you are fired? Losing your livelihood, your security, and the food from your children’s mouths? This scenario has gone far beyond imagination for 98 former Hyatt housekeepers. It is their every day reality.

Letter: Nation needs healthcare reform

March 11, 2010
Many people think that the status quo in health care is sustainable. They are wrong. Per capita health care costs in the United States rose to over $8,000 in 2009, and at their present rate of increase will surpass $16,000 by 2019. Without the passage of comprehensive health care reform, the number of uninsured, inflation, unemployment, bankruptcy rates, taxes, trade deficits, and budget deficits will all be increasingly higher than they would otherwise be.

Editorial: Forums: A missed opportunity

March 5, 2010
The attendance of forums for the restructure of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and College of Criminal Justice (CCJ) last year was terrible despite vocal student protest. It was partly because the forums were poorly timed and poorly advertised.
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